Alcaller is focused on facilitating the far-reaching relationships of the world. Our company seeks to implement the innovative virtual solutions at our disposal to bring the people in relationships to the forefront of global interaction.


Distance can bring unwanted difficulty to maintaining relations. Alcaller has services for individuals who seek to conquer the distance separating people. No matter where you are trying to reach, Alcaller is offering solutions to bring “there” to you “here”.


Accessibility is vital for business efficiency and keeping a strong rapport with customers and clients. Alcaller will help bring value to your business by providing solutions that increase your business’s accessibility. Contact us, to see how we can work with you.



viLinked is a global communications service that allow users to send Text, Talk, and Transfer right from your smartphone.

PINLess Calling Cards

On the go? Get a PINLESS Calling Card and call landlines of mobiles on selected countries.

Mobile Top-up

Add funds (Top-up) mobile phones worldwide.

International Numbers

Get a telephone number so that you can receive calls from regular telephones and mobiles on your corporate PBX from over 60 counties, just like they were local calls.

Voice Termination

Terminate telephone calls from your PBX to any regular phone number.


Your Conversations Come First:

Whether for occupation or exploration, more and more people everyday are expanding the physical distance of their personal network.

Alcaller is dedicated to fostering an experience where the client’s connections to others is first and foremost.

We strive to bring our clients both convenience and competitive pricing with our products. Therefore clients can engage in meaningful interactions with their loved ones or contacts while worrying less about the tools used to do so.

By delivering on these promises, we know our customers and clients will have more freedom to interact in the global village that exists today, and ultimately be more happy.